ThemeForest WordPress企业主题 – MediaFlex

ThemeForest WordPress企业主题 - MediaFlex

MediaFlex是一套来自themeforest的wordpress企业主题,这套wordpress主题首页的幻灯片效果非常不错(支持图片墙、3D展示、博文展示 三种展示形式),同时主题支持多种幻灯片滑块选择,可在内页文章中添加幻灯片,支持产品展示、短代码功能、多种页面模板等功能。


  • Different Sliders:
    We offer 6 different slider options. 4 of them are hand made for this theme! The imageWALL slider will put your products in the right light and amaze your clients!
  • In post Slider
    Create a slider within a post – no code required: we created a special post options panel that shows up underneath each post where you can create the slides.
  • WordPress 3.x Template
    We use the power WordPress 3.0 has to offer!
  • Makes use of WP 3 .x Menu System
  • Portfolio Page
    Show of products or a website portfolio with incredible portfolios.

    • Three, Two and One Columns supported. Not only for the overview page, but for each portfolio category.
    • sorting feature for the overview page
  • Video Integration In Portfolio
    • Video Portfolio included!
    • Its as simple (or even simpler) as creating a blog post. All from the backend. No coding required!
    • Its as easy as inserting an URL !
    • When installing the delivered Plugins, you get the power of about 30 video host pages!
    • or host the videos by yourself!
  • Gallery
    Create beautiful galleries to show off your images (sorting feature included)
  • Widgetized (Main)page
    • Our previously clients love this feature: Populate the main page by just dragging and dropping widgets in the main page widget area!
    • We deliver many custom widgets that make it possible for you to create your own page!
  • Shortcodes (including gallery shortcodes)
    Our shortcodes make it easy to stand out! The custom code snippets let you create some nice layout details with a short line of code! And the best: We bring you buttons in the html editor and some in the WYSIWYG that automatically create the code for the shortcodes and paste them into the textfield.

    • No coding required!
  • Custom Premium Widgets for Mainpage and Sidebars

We created a variety of incredible useful widgets for you to choose from. Take a look at the preview to see what MediaFlex has to offer! The widgets are waiting for you in the widget area of the wordpress backend.

  • Display Sidebar Left or Right or hide it
    If you hide it, the post will take the full side width! Perfect if you need more space to advertise your products!
  • Contact Form for the footer area
  • PSDs included
    We include our Photoshop documents so you can edit every single piece of the layout or simply learn “how we did it”
  • Blog feature
  • Extensive Help File
    The help file comes as a standalone html and built in into your wordpress backend!
  • Videocast
    What is better than a moving picture when it comes to learn something? We created some quick videocasts to show you how to setup and get started with MediaFlex.
  • Powered by a continuously improved, incredibly flexible theme backend: bebelCp2
    • BebelCp2 is the most powerful backend of our production. It is fully PHP5 OOP based, you can extend our classes to adjust the settings to your needs. If you have a knowledge of php5, you will love this!
    • requires PHP5 ! If you are still running on php4, tell your host to update immediately. PHP4 does not provide any security update since 3 years!
  • Translation ready with .po file (in english) – simply translate it to your language
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